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Heather is the owner of Nutrition CheckUp, a nutrition consulting practice located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that specializes in sports nutrition, weight management and disordered eating.

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Breakfast on the Fly

I’ve been a registered dietitian for a long time. Over the years, I think I’ve heard every excuse in the book for why breakfast gets skipped. Whatever your excuse- no time, not hungry, don’t need it- my response is always the same. Eating breakfast is not negotiable; have something. Breakfast breaks-the-fast from not eating overnight […]

Homemade Wedding Soup

Winter is coming and that means soup’s on in my house. This homemade wedding soup is one of my favorites because it is a balance of healthy carbohydrates, plenty of protein and a bit of fat for flavor, all mixed into one meal.  I posted this wedding soup recipe last year on Instagram and Facebook […]

Fueling Young Athletes by Heather Mangieri