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Heather is the owner of Nutrition CheckUp, a nutrition consulting practice located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that specializes in sports nutrition, weight management and disordered eating.

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Heather provides tips, tricks and easy advice for getting healthy with videos, media appearances, articles and expert interviews.

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Improve Your Life One Healthy Habit at a Time

Time, money, motivation, family. The excuses and barriers to living a healthy lifestyle are endless. It is true that planning and preparing meals every night can be exhausting; starting a new exercise program can be intimidating; and it may be difficult to imagine how you could squeeze in another hour of sleep. But that does not mean you should not […]

Homemade Sports Drinks

  Have you ever been in the middle of an event, knowing you need fuel but couldn’t bear the thought of swallowing more sweetness?  You’re not alone.  Many athletes find it difficult to tolerate the sweet flavors of sports foods and sports drinks, especially during longer distance endurance events. The bad news: Water may not be enough. Athletes who choose only […]